Louise Mingua Nature Photography - Delectables II







Louise Mingua

Louise Mingua Nature Photography - Delectables II

Tempe, AZ


Art is varied and immense in scope. So are the individuals that create it. The work is the art!

Hi. My name is Lou, and it is my nature to always have busy hands. My past-times and hobbies are varied and I enjoy every one of them. I grew up in New England, spent a short time in Florida, learned all about what makes me 'tick' in the Bay Area of Northern California, and now am completely settled in the beautiful desert environment of Arizona. I travel between coasts, as family and children reside on both. Whenever I do travel, my camera accompanies me and I take oodles of photos. But may favorite shots are taken right outside my front door. Well, maybe down the street. My point is - I don't have to travel to exotic places to capture many of my images. I've missed a few great ones, and can only commit them to memory. But in this avenue of creativity, the subject matter is endless.

Another of my interests is jewelry design and creation. In this arena, I am a self-made artist, learning as I progress through various online entities, visiting shows in my area of the world, and putting what I learn into my creations.

Thank you for your visit, and do please enjoy yourself!


Brooklyn Bridge And Skyline by Louise Mingua


Botanical Garden Waterway by Louise Mingua


River In The Sky by Louise Mingua


Rays Among The Leaves by Louise Mingua


Rose Drop by Louise Mingua


Friendly Skies by Louise Mingua


Discarded by Louise Mingua


Salt Lake Sunset by Louise Mingua


Petunia Vignette by Louise Mingua


Yellow Blooms by Louise Mingua


Deep Wood Red by Louise Mingua


Dew-Dipped Wildflower by Louise Mingua


Child-Like Heart by Louise Mingua


Orange Silhouette by Louise Mingua


Amaryllis by Louise Mingua